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2014-15  School Year
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IN-Class Program for 5th - 12th grade (Begins Sept. 9th)
Classes for 5th - 12th grade students are held on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p. m. Classes are 60 minutes long with a one-hour lunch break at 12 noon. The school year is divided into four 9-¬week quarters with a two-week break in late December.  Tutors provide the instruction for all lessons.  The student completes the homework at home under the guidance of his/her parents.  Tutors post graded work and assignments on JupiterGrade, our grading website. Class size is limited to 10 students.

ON-Line Program for 3rd - 12th grade (Begins anytime)
Students have a selection of many courses that are completed at home. Assignments are given on a daily basis with allowances for early or late completion.  Our teachers are available on-line to assist you. All grades appear on the Jupiter Grade website. Students may complete the subjects within one school year or one calendar year.

AT-Home Workbook Program for K - 12th grade (Begins anytime)
Students will complete ten workbooks per core subjects: math, science, history and English plus one elective (two for high school) at home.  Tests are mailed in for grading after the completion of each workbook.  Grades are posted on JupiterGrade, our grading website.  Students are scheduled to complete workbooks within one school year.

Students may combine any of the above programs for an individualized curriculum. Your consultant will discuss your options of designing a unique curriculum around a combination of workbooks, online classes, textbooks and videos so each student can advanced according to his/her own pace. This will allow students to graduate early if they choose.

Assisted Study Hall for Workbook Students on Tuesday (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) 5th - 12th grade
HASJ Assisted Study Hall is designed for Workbook and On-Line homeschoolers who need a place to complete their assignments in a timely manner.  Our teachers will be on staff to assist with lessons and provide light tutoring.  Students may take an individual class such as Art, American Sign Language or an Elective for an additional fee during this time.

Students may enroll in the Credit Completion program for courses failed during the school year.

All classes offered at the Academy carry high school credit for Homeschoolers desiring to earn a diploma. This is accomplished through HASJ’s High School Diploma Program.  Schedules are structured to meet New Jersey High School diploma requirements.    Upon completion, students can participate in the graduation ceremony. HASJ is a "low-tuition" school.  The first payment will be due after registration is processed.   HASJ’s Cancellation Policy states that classes may be cancelled at any time after the first month. The registration payment is nonrefundable.   Special discounts are available for families registering two or more children in the In-Class program.
Principal and Director:  Rose Sias                               Financial Administrator:  Jennifer Skipper
Are you a Homeschool parent who is overwhelmed, especially with high school course requirements?

Are you tired of public school problems and high private school tuition?

If so, The Homeschool Academy of South Jersey (HASJ) can help.

HASJ provides a unique learning experience with a variety of programs to meet your needs. HASJ has been operating with highly qualified teachers for over twelve years.

Call us today for more information: 609-805-2548
Welcome To HASJ

The Homeschool Academy of South Jersey
(HASJ) was created by parents interested in
providing any homeschool family, regardless of
religious beliefs, ethnic background or financial
situation, an alternative to schooling strictly at
home. The Academy is not affiliated with any
religious organizations, but does practice Bible
principles with an emphasis on excellent
character. It is a place where children of varying
ages can gather in a classroom atmosphere and
learn various academic subjects, as well as,
enrichment classes of diversified interests. The
HASJ diploma can be earned by meeting NJ
requirements through our accelerated high
school program. Parents can feel comfortable
that their children are in an atmosphere where
they are supported and treated with respect by
skilled teachers and students alike.

The Homeschool Academy of South Jersey
meets at the Cumberland County Community
Church every Tuesday during the school year.
Our dedicated tutors help to meet the needs of
each student achieve their educational goal.

Purpose Statement
Cumberland County Community Church 1800 East Broad Street, Millville, NJ 08332
The HASJ is committed to providing students with academic classes to enrich and fulfill the New Jersey educational requirements.
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